Warsaw – Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT), the icon of the pioneering architectural solutions among Warsaw’s office buildings, achieves another success. Built in the late 90s, the office building has successfully completed the process of certification conducted by means of the BREEAM In-Use method and received the mark Very Good in the Asset Performance category. Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) was constructed in 1999 as a pioneering architectural project. Its total height equals 208 m and its roof at the height of 184 m makes it the tallest office building in Warsaw. The skyscraper dominated the panorama of Warsaw for many years and has been setting trends since it was constructed. It has become the symbol of quality and prestige. Today, the building, which is almost adult in human years, has set new standards again: it is the first office building that has passed the process of environmental certification by means of the BREEAM In-Use method and has earned the mark Very Good in the Asset Management category. As Karolina Michalak, Project Manager, LEED AP from an independent advisory company in the real estate market Sentient, responsible for conducting the certification process, states: “The certificate confirms the high standard of the building, the use of modern technologies and a very good long-term politics in the management of the premises. Despite its age, WTT has received a very good mark. Buildings preserved in such a good state being systematically taken care of in terms of maintenance and meeting environmental requirements are not seen very often.”

VERY GOOD at 63.1%. WTT has been subjected to a multiple-criteria assessment of the building’s functionality in its surroundings by Building Research Establishment (BRE). Owing to high marks in 8 categories taken into consideration, the building reached the level Very Good at 63.1%. Such a high mark could be achieved not only due to the functional architectural design (where glass facades, appropriate positioning in relation to the four cardinal directions and protection against the sun secure comfortable work conditions among the tenants), but also very good access to public transport. The complex and systematic management of the building including redecoration, preservation and modernisation (especially the recently introduced changes: the enlargement of leisure space and the improved functionality of office space enabling it to be easily adjusted to new tenants’ needs) was of paramount importance. Other aspects worth mentioning include: the organisation of the green areas around the building, the installation of nesting boxes on trees and the bigger number of bicycle stands.

"Warsaw Trade Tower is an example of a classic, well-designed and well-built architectural structure. The BREEAM In-Use certificate proves the above. It is also a confirmation of the quality of management and the operational efficiency of the building. The certificate helps the tenants fulfil their environmental duties resulting from their CSR strategies as well. It is especially important for bigger tenants who are obligated by international procedures to act pro-ecologically." said Izabela Kapil, Vice President Portfolio Management – Europe in HEITMAN, WTT's Asset Manager.

Warsaw Trade Tower, a collective work of several architecture companies: Wyszyński, Majewski, Hermanowicz i RTKL, was built in the late 90s at the crossroads of Towarowa and Chłodna. This perfect location provides the employees with easy access to public transport. There are numerous bus and tram lines just outside of the building and the Rondo Daszyńskiego station on the second line of the metro is within a 5-minute walking distance. WTT consists of over 42,000 sqm of A-class office space located on 39 floors and offers 473 underground and overground parking spaces. The building houses various facilities that enhance the comfort of work: a canteen, a cafeteria, a bakery, a drycleaner's, courier services, a common space where employees can have meals they bring from home, an activity room, a conference centre on the 35th floor offering the highest viewing point in the whole of Warsaw and a bilingual kindergarten. The office building serves as the seat for such prestigious brands as: MSD, Mattel, Altkom, Grupa Azoty, American Express, BP and Dago.
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