Warsaw Trade Tower has its own showroom! 300 sqm on the 26th floor.


A showroom has been opened on the 26th floor of Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT). It has been designed to present the potential and the arrangement possibilities of the building. The 300 sqm of the showroom comprises a separate conference and office area, open space, a relaxation area, a kitchen with a canteen and a reception. The investment is the initiative of the building’s owner, Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II, and the Heitman company, which is its asset manager. The design and delivery of the project was the responsibility of the Reesco company while the Rewitech studio designed the interiors.

People at our core: the comfort of work as the number one priority
WTT’s showroom with the overall area of 300 sqm has been designed in accordance with the most modern trends in office arrangement as well as the rules of optimised floor layout and a mixed room layout. This is why the showroom consists of a representative reception, an example conference room, an independent office, open space with a separate relaxation area and a kitchen with a canteen. All rooms have been designed in the way that connects the standards of a modern office with facilities that improve the comfort of work. The materials used in the interiors are monochromatic in colour: the furniture is white, grey and black with elements in lively green. The specially designed ceilings add to the functionality of the building. The designers have suggested using different heights and various kinds of surface: from open through transparent to fully-closed. In this way they showed that WTT offices can be modified also in this respect.

WTT’s showroom is one with its surroundings
The exclusive and modern in design wall of moss at the reception or eye-catching green graphics not only make the place more lively but also create a connection with the surroundings of WTT: both the greenery in front of the building and in its representative lobby. The kitchen with its canteen is consistent in style with the common dining area located on the ground floor used every day by employees working in the building. The modern and functional layout of the rooms has been completed with elements of WTT’s marketing strategy. Glass facades have been decorated with infographics created as a part of the office building’s rebranding process. They remind of the advantages of the building, such as its location (the proximity of tram and bus stops and the line of Warsaw’s metro), the well-developed bicycle infrastructure and many other facilities in the building itself: a conference and event area located on the 35th floor, an activity room, a canteen and a common dining area, electric cars that can be used free of charge by all employees working in WTT and a special application and communication platform created with the tenants in mind.

The showroom in WTT has been created with a view to present the arrangement possibilities in the building. We realise how important for the comfort and productivity of work is the layout and interior design of the building. Employers know that too and they treat the possibility to provide their workers with the environment that fulfils their needs as a strategic business decision. It is with them in mind that our showroom has been created. Owing to the exhibition our clients will be able to see the potential of WTT’s interiors, especially the possibility of the flexible division of office space as well as problem-free changes in the layout of walls and rooms in the building, says Izabela Kapil, Vice President Portfolio Management – Europe in Heitman.

Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) was constructed in the late 90s as a pioneering architectural project. Its total height equals 208 m and its roof at the height of 184 m makes it the tallest office building in Warsaw. The skyscraper dominated the panorama of Warsaw for many years and has been setting trends since it was constructed. It has become the symbol of quality and prestige. In the years 2015-16, the building was modernised in accordance with a wide spectrum of the needs of its tenants. The task was conducted by a working group consisting of architects, real estate commercialisation advisors and branding experts. As a result of the changes the building has gained a range of facilities, e.g. in the area of common space and its surroundings. Additionally, the building has successfully passed the process of environmental certification by means of the BREEAM In-Use method and has earned the mark Very Good in the Asset Performance category.

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