WARSAW ON AIR in Warsaw Trade Tower: an exhibition of photographs taken 3000 metres above the capital and a premiere of a bird’s-eye view photo album.


Panorama Room on Warsaw Trade Tower’s 35th floor opens again for enthusiasts of the capital. Between 3 and 13 April, it is going to house an exhibition of bird’s-eye view photographs by Maciej Margas. The series is called WARSAW ON AIR. The exhibition will also see the premiere of WARSAW ON AIR photo album, which is a collection of photographs of contemporary Warsaw taken on board of a helicopter at the height of 3.5 km!

The choice of the venue, which is the 35th floor of Warsaw’s highest office building (taking the rooftop line into consideration) is not accidental. The building has one of the best view points in the capital: the Panorama Room. The space, which is not available to a wider audience on an everyday basis, is again going to become the highest-located temporary art exhibition. At 136 metres above the ground, photography lovers will have a chance to see how Warsaw looks like from the height of 3.5 km. All thanks to an unusual bird’s-eye view photography exhibition of the series entitled WARSAW ON AIR by Maciej Margas. The photographs show the city as seen from the deck of a helicopter. Their author, tied with ropes to the inside of the machine, has taken photos of the capital during the day and the night in a tightly-secured airspace over Warsaw as the first photographer in Poland. The exhibition will be open everyday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. between 3 and 13 April. The tickets at the price of 5 PLN are available on the website:

The exhibition will be accompanied by the premiere of the album entitled WARSAW ON AIR, which is a collection of photographs taken by Maciej Margas over a stretch of two years during several sessions at the height of even 3.5 km above the ground! The photographs show not only the centre of Warsaw but also Bemowo, Ursus, Wilanów and Ursynów, which are not often seen in bird’s-eye view photos. Now that we can admire the capital in a wider and unrestrained perspective, it allows us to see how complex an organism the city is. The author compares Warsaw to a live organism showing us its lungs, tissues or heart. The photographs also present the fresh scars that history has left on the city’s skin. The pictures of Maciej Margas, independent from any institution, show us the pace at which the city has been changing and will most certainly become a unique historical source in the future.

This is yet another photographic exhibition in Warsaw Trade Tower where the city plays the main part and the second exhibition of Maciej Margas’s photographs. The first one was seen by as many as 6000 people. The Panorama Room at the 35th floor of WTT also housed an exhibition of the winning and distinguished photographs of Warsaw Insta Festival, which was enthusiastically welcomed by photography lovers as well. Owing to the organisation of temporary art exhibitions, the owner of the building: the Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II fund as well as its asset manager, which is the Heitman company, enable a wider audience to admire the panorama of the North-Eastern Warsaw, which also covers the lively Śródmieście, and present the inside of the icon of Warsaw’s skyline.

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