Healthy Planet, Healthy People: United Nations Day in Warsaw Trade Tower


Today is United Nations Day. On 24 October, 1945, the United Nations Charter entered into force and three years later United Nations Day started to be celebrated by countries all around the world, including Poland. That is why, today, Warsaw Trade Tower is the home of a conference entitled Healthy Planet, Healthy People. Its participants include representatives of business and administration as well as United Nations Family. The event has been organised by UN Family and Responsible Business Forum.

The slogan behind this year’s celebrations is Healthy Planet, Healthy People, which is the global message of the United Nations Environment Programme. In this way, the organisers wish to emphasise the influence of the environment on people’s health and the quality of our life. It is also a direct reference to the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. We should develop our preventive approach to the problems of the natural environment, take initiative aiming at the protection of nature resources as well as support the development of environmentally friendly behaviours and technologies. As a non-governmental organisation with 26 years of experience in the delivery of projects that serve the environment, we wish to be an active partner who is able to competently point out current environmental problems and needs as well as suggest specific measures whose implementation would serve both the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals and the development of organisations and institutions being a part of the Together for the Environment partnership, said Maria Andrzejewska, director of UNEP/GRID Warsaw.

Taking into consideration the fact that the connection between the natural environment and economic, social, security, justice and welfare problems is an important subject not only for UN agendas in Poland, representatives of business organisations, national institutions and other organisations in close cooperation with UN Family in Poland have been invited to participate in the conference.

The delivery of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is not possible without the participation of business organisations, sector partnerships and intersectoral collaboration. That is why Responsible Business Forum has decided to take part in the organisation of UN Day in Poland and also invite business organisations to participate. We would like to see the inclusion of SGDs in business strategies in socially responsible companies become a standard. In this respect, such events are invaluable. They are a chance to gain knowledge, inspiration and direct contacts that may result in new partnerships in the future, said Marzena Strzelczak, general director and member of the Board in Responsible Business Forum.

UN Day 2017 has been organised in Warsaw Trade Tower: an office building in Warsaw’s Wola district that has successfully implemented the concept of employee wellbeing. Built in the late 90s, the building underwent modernisation and rebranding processes in 2016. Their main goal was to fulfil the needs of the employees working in WTT. The changes were the initiative of Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II, which is the building’s owner, and the Heitman company, its asset manager. The strategy for the changes inspired by the idea of employee wellbeing was developed on the basis of a research conducted among the employees working in the building as well as the analysis of the starting point, says Izabela Kapil, vice president of Portfolio Management Europe at Heitman The development of the strategy of changes and its implementation was a complicated process. However, it was worth the effort. The high level of our tenants’ satisfaction and the today’s conference celebrating United Nations Day, which focuses on the multi-faceted idea of health, brings great joy and satisfaction for our whole team.

UN Day will be a chance to take a closer look at the actions behind UN Agendas in Poland as well as the activities of organisations connected with the United Nations. A debate of representatives of companies involved in the Together for the Environment partnership will be an important element of the meeting. The debate will focus on the way businesses influence the environment and the world as well as on promoting their positive impact and limiting the negative one.

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We invite those who cannot participate in the conference in person to follow the event online. The meeting will be streamed on this profile: FB/ForumOdpowiedzialnegoBiznesu.

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