Participants of the Speech Recognition Contest will admire Warsaw from a height


This weekend (16 - 18 March this year), at the Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw, the National Competition of Speech Recognition for children and adolescents with hearing impairments will take place. Apart from hard work, participants will enjoy additional attractions. One of them will be the panoramic view of the capital from the 35th floor of the Warsaw Trade Tower - the first of the skyscrapers constructed in Wola district.

44 deaf and hearing impaired students from all over the country will come to Warsaw to take part in the competition. For the pupils of primary and high schools, questions related to the "Wisła - the queen of Polish rivers" theme were prepared. Junior high school students will read words and sentences devoted to the 200th anniversary of the Institute for the Deaf - the oldest school in Poland for the deaf. An additional attraction for the participants will be a visit to the Warsaw Trade Tower, the tallest to the roofline office building in Warsaw. On Friday, March 16th, students and their guardians will enter the 35th floor of a skyscraper. Thanks to this, they will be able to admire the north-eastern part of the capital from the height of approx. 136 m. This is one of the best viewpoints from which you can see the very center of the city.

Reading words from the lip movement is an activity that requires a lot of effort. This is skill is influenced by such factors as: the efficiency of visual perception, the speed of association, vocabulary knowledge. It is important that the speaker also pays attention to such aspects as: the speed of pronunciation, diction, speech defects, braces, and even male facial hair. External factors, such as the distance between interlocutors, the setting and lighting of the speaker's face, also have a large impact on the quality of lip reading.

"Deaf person is able to read only part of the speech from the movement of lips, therefore the thematic and situational context is very important. This skill will not replace hearing, but it is a significant support in everyday communication. Developing it in school-age children therefore supports their progress as well as relationships with their peers and family. Organizing lip reading competitions is an incentive for students to learn and exercise, without which they would not achieve the skills needed in everyday life," says Renata Dąbrowska-Ścibisz - deaf education as well as speech and language therapist in the Institute for the Deaf.

Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw is the oldest school and educational institution in Poland for children and young people with hearing impairments. The resort was founded in 1817. It was moved to his current headquarters at Plac Trzech Krzyży in 1827. The institution implements the program of early support of child development, offers education at pre-school level, primary school, junior high school and high school (high school, technical school, professional vocational school, job training school). The Institute for the Deaf cares for the high quality of teaching, and supports its pupils and their parents by organizing free sign language courses, rehabilitation camps, sports camps, excursions to the cinemas, theaters and museums, financing all events, including many international projects. The oldest students have the opportunity to participate in vocational courses ending with journeyman and driving license examinations, which allows graduates to find a satisfying job.

Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) was constructed in the late 90s as a pioneering architectural project. In the years 2015-16, the building underwent modernization and rebranding. The owner of the building - Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II, and its asset manager - Heitman company, opened the facility for cultural events and those in the field of corporate social responsibility. Since then, the photography and painting exhibitions, as well as piano concerts take place in the building. In addition, in the conference and event space - Panorama Room WTT, on the 35th floor, among others the 4th National Diversity Day and the United Nations Day were organized.

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