You’ve got the power in WTT – AED defibrillators were installed in the building


Three AED defibrillators have been installed in the Warsaw Trade Tower. The devices will help people with sudden cardiac arrest before the arrival of the ambulance. This initiative is part of the "Masz moc" (eng. you’ve got the power) social campaign run by a longtime tenant of the office building - AXA Group in Poland.

Taking care of the Neighbors. A longtime tenant of Warsaw Trade Tower, AXA Group in Poland, installed three AED defibrillators in the office building. The devices are located on the ground floor and on the 3rd and 22nd floor. In order to show people working in WTT how to use the devices, special training has been organized. This is yet another initiative of AXA as part of the "Masz moc" (eng. you’ve got the power) social campaign, which the company has been running for three years with the substantive support of the AdrenaLTika Training Center. It’s main point is to overcome the fears of Poles and give them courage to act when they happen to witness an accident.

As Izabela Kapil - Vice President Portfolio Management - Europe at Heitman comments: "As an asset manager of WTT, we are guided by the principles of employee well-being in our activities, that is the care for the comfort of our tenants. We are proud that we have accumulated engaged tenants with whom we can jointly act in line with this concept and take care of the safety of our community. Thanks to AED defibrillators and training, people working in the building can feel safer. That is why I thank AXA for the assembly of equipment and care for the Neighbors. "

How does the device work? The AED defibrillator is used in case of the sudden cardiac arrest, which we can recognize by the symptoms like lack of contact and breathing. In this case, you should act as fast as possible - start cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ask other witnesses of the incident to call an ambulance and bring the AED defibrillator. The devices are safe, easy to use and fully automated, and most importantly, they can be used by a person without medical training. The usage of the AED defibrillator is based on a few steps that the device signals and explains how to perform. After switching it on and proper adhesion of the electrodes on the exposed chest, the computer system examines the heart of the victim and informs us about the possible need to create a pulse in order to restore its correct rhythm. If the device does not detect arrhythmia, it will not work. The AED defibrillator is safe for both the rescuer and the victim.

- This kind of meetings show that while people realize that on their strength depends the life or health of another person, they are afraid to give first aid. Why? Because they do not know how to do it, and therefore, for example, are afraid that they will make things worse while using the defibrillator. It's natural and it’s great that people reach for knowledge when they have the opportunity. As shown by the CBOS survey from 2017, only every fifth Pole has complete confidence in his skills. We would like more people to be assured. Therefore, we provide practical knowledge about first aid through the website and TV campaign, and we organize training for employees, agents, company friends and other people from our immediate environment. Just recently for hundreds of our neighbors in WTT - adds Aleksandra Leszczyńska, director of corporate communications at AXA.

Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) was created in the late 90s as one of the first skyscrapers in Wola district. In 2015-16, the office has undergone a modernization, as a result of which it has gained a number of facilities consistent with the concept of employee-wellbeing and responding to the actual needs of its tenants. Wi-Fi and new lighting were installed in the modern lobby. A piano has been added, which is used, among others, during concerts which take place every two weeks. An activity room has been separated and is regularly used by people working at WTT. For the use of people preferring their own cooking a dining room, equipped with the necessary household appliances, was created. A platform for foodtrucks and a garden was built in front of the skyscraper, which tenants are eager to use in the spring and summer season. In addition, two BMW i3 electric cars are available to employees of tenants, which can be used free of charge. Warsaw Trade Tower also has a BREEAM In-Use certificate with a Very Good rating in the Asset Performance category.

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