The success of blood donation event in Warsaw Trade Tower


People working in the Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) and the nearest neighborhood of the skyscraper have gathered together over 12 liters of blood! 53 honorary donors came to participate in the blood donation event, and 27 of them donated blood. The ambulance of the Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center in Warsaw (Regionalne Centrum Krwiodawstwa i Krwiolecznictwa w Warszawie) was invited by the owner of the building - Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II and its asset manager – Heitman company, in response to the interest of the tenants' employees.

A skyscraper that listens to tenants. On September 13th this year blood donation event was organized in Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) in response to the requests from people working in the building. Not only the skyscraper's employees, but also those from its immediate vicinity were invited to participate. As many as 53 people declared willingness to donate one of the most valuable liquids, and 27 were admitted by the doctor to actively participate in the action. Honorary donors gathered together 27 blood units, which is exactly 12.15 liters. According to Izabela Kapil - Vice President Portfolio Management - Europe at Heitman - "Warsaw Trade Tower is an extraordinary skyscraper, whose tenants are extremely involved in all events organized in our area. And as an asset manager of the building, we try to bring into live the initiatives reported by them. It was similar in the case of blood donation event, which they specifically asked for. The interest in the action did not diminish throughout the day. Therefore, I would like to thank all those who devoted their time and wanted to help others".

Who can donate blood? An honorable donor can be any person enjoying good health, aged from 18 to 65 years and weighing min. 50 kg. What is important, blood donation is painless and completely safe. It does not require any special preparations, but it is worth to check the contraindications which are available on-line. You should come to the blood donation center after eating a light, low-fat meal and drinking more water than usual. You should also refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol (also on the day before). The doctor decides about admission to donate blood, based on the completed questionnaire, an assessment of the general health status and the results of the donor's blood sample taken on the same day. Each time, one person can donate the so-called 1 unit of blood, which equals 450 ml. Every drop of it is precious, because you never know which group of blood will be the most needed at the moment. The Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Warsaw (Regionalne Centrum Krwiodawstwa i Krwiolecznictwa w Warszawie) supplies blood to approximately 130 hospitals in the Masovian Voivodeship. The point has five ambulances for blood collection and organizes over 1,000 mobile blood donation events throughout the year. Detailed information for honorary donors are available on the website

The blood donation campaign is not the only event organized in WTT on the initiative of its tenants. In July this year AED defibrillators were installed in the tower and training in their usage was carried out. The owner of the building - Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II, and its asset manager - Heitman company, also opens the building for cultural events and those in the field of corporate social responsibility. The photography and painting exhibitions, as well as piano concerts take place in the building. In addition, in the conference and event space - Panorama Room WTT, on the 35th floor, among others the 4th National Diversity Day and the United Nations Day were organized. All these activities are in line with the principles of the employee-wellbeing concept, which was implemented in the management of this facility after modernization and rebranding carried out in 2015-2016.

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